Can't get cURL working

I was busy following the “Theme tutorial”. I got stuck where it says it is needed to create a base theme from the cli.

I installed the devtools plugin and followed the steps to work with the cli but nothing seems to be working. I constantly get the message:
“FATAL: DEVTOOLS requires PHP Curl module to be installed”
I fiddled with de php.ini and followed dozens of tutorials but nothing works. Can someone help me with this?

I’m running grav using xampp on a windows 10 laptop.


I […] followed dozens of tutorials […]

In that case, there is not much else I have to offer, except perhaps to suggest to take a look at WSL in combination with Ubuntu. Together a wonderful dev environment on Windows.

Thanks alot for your suggestion. I’ll take anything to just get going.

I installed WSL but I can’t get it working with my existing grav install. I really have no clue where to start looking. Could you maybe give me some hints on how to “connect” WSL with my existing grav page?

Thanks again!

@steef90, When using WSL, all development should be moved into WSL…


  • You need to know Ubuntu (or other Linus distro)
  • You need to setup PHP in WSL
  • You need to setup Apache in WSL
  • You need to move your Grav installation from Windows into Apaches expected webserver root folder on Ubuntu

If you’re not a developer it might be too much asked… I then apologise getting you into trouble.

Thanks again for your help!

No I’m not a experienced developer but I managed to follow your steps. Thanks for showing me this alternative way of getting a dev environment. In the end it wasn’t what I was looking for.

At last I figured out I was giving the commands in the wrong place (windows cli instead of the built in cli in xampp) so I managed to get it working after all.

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