How to make a new skeleton

is there a documentation about how to create a new skeleton?

Thank you

Just examine an existing one. Really a skeleton is a user folder that contains config and pages. There should be no plugins or themes however, as those should be defined in .dependencies file.

We have a mac-script for creating a skeleton package from this using latest Grav with theme and plugins specified in the dependencies, but it’s not public. One of those things that we have not gotten around to yet. You can do it manually though.

Hard and boring work… :slight_smile: Thank you anyway

I did the skeleton and I tagged a test release. Here’s the repo: could you check if it works, or let me know how I can do that test on my own?

Im not seeing any releases?

Sorry, I forgot to push the tag. Now you’ve got the release :slight_smile:

Ah the skeleton release files should be a ready-to-run Grav install.

OK, we added our devtools repo to GitHub:

You can check this out and have a look at the script. This is what we use to build our skeletons.

We will document this in time, but note, this is made to run on a mac and we have no plans to port this to other platforms as we are a mac-based shop.