Sidebar and widget management

Hi guys,

Before I dig into this I thought to ask preventively the folks.
Would like to come up with a good solution for sidebar and widgets management.

Assume following:

  • Got multiple page templates in use
  • Got multiple sidebars setup (sidebar-a.html.twig, sidebar-b.html.twig under partials/sidebars)
  • Got multiple sidebar widgets setup (widget-a.html.twig, widget-b.html.twig under partials/widgets)

I would like to:

  • Be able to manage the widgets content in the admin console - similar to modular pages - a WYSIWYG editor field per widget will do.
  • Be able to allocate any widget to any sidebar, possibly order them, via admin console
  • Be able to allocate any sidebar to any page template via admin console

Anyone got a golden bullet idea or best approach?


Hi @slarcher, I do something like this to support a user-editable Sidebar and Footer in my Bootstrap4 Open Matter and Quark Open Publishing themes:

If you download and explore the Open Publishing Space skeleton you can see a working example of this.

Hope the above helps,

Thanks @paulhibbitts ! I will take a look.