"Some Text Widget" in basic blog page

I am trying to build up a Grav site from scratch, though I am also trying to use the sample skeletons as guides. I have successfully, but only partially, created a blog-like listing page for the site with one small problem. I cannot figure out how to override the default “Some Text Widget” and Lorem Ipsum in the sidebar. I have looked at the blog.html.twig file and see the hard-coded HTML that is producing this output, but I am at a loss as to how, exactly, to override it. My attempts to build a sidebar.md file (assuming that it would be picked up since there is a partials/sidebar.html.twig referenced in the theme template) isn’t working. I figure I am just missing some critical clue, but searches on the documentation have proved thus far to be impenetrable.

Thanks in advance.

In the blog skeleton, the sidebar.html.twig is included by the blog.html.twig and is not associated with a page at all. In there is a hardcoded reference to the “Some Text Widget” you are looking for.

If you wanted to have the sidebar associated with a page, you could look at modular pages and render the sidebar ‘modular page’ on the side rather than below as the one-page skeleton is doing it.

Yes, I had found the hard-coded reference earlier. I am not clear on what you mean in the second paragraph by “on the side rather than below” and how this should relate to the modular format. I have a sidebar rendering mostly OK, with a tag cloud (from taxonomy) and simple search. I am just trying to figure out how to replace this hard-coded “Some Text Widget” and Lorem Ipsum without hacking on the partials/sidebar.html.twig file.

Could you please clarify? Thanks.

Well if you have it mostly working then an even simpler approach is to edit sidebar.html.twig and remove the hardcoded reference with a dynamic page find(). Put your content in a page and then load it dynamically.

Thanks. I created a theme which inherits from the base them, and made a new version of the partial that does what I want.