Scss: command not found


I feel dumb: I try to create/modify my own theme, but I can’t compile any css.

I use the script, but I always end up with a scss: command not found error message.

Of course I already did install sass: I tried using npm globally, then falled back to homebrew in order to speed up everything, as recommended by the sass install page.

Anyway, Sass is installed

$ which sass

and seems up-to-date

$ sass --version

but it seems there is no scss command anywhere.

$ which scss
scss not found

What did I miss ?

HI I had the same problem a few month ago
FYI this will install scss

npm install -g bower
bower install css-calc-mixin --save (--allow-root if necessary)
which scss

Thank you @ryan !

But I really wonder if I have to install a deprecated tool in order to access this binary, it sound weird to me…

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but for the record, it is not necessary that the scss command be available: if sass is installed and available, you can use that instead.

So rather than running scss --watch scss:css-compiled (which is the sole content of the script), you can run sass --watch scss:css-compiled.

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