Understanding SASS/SCSS Strucutre in Grav


I’m learning the grav documentation for the first time, and i’ve never used SASS before.

In the Anti-Matter theme, there are several CSS folders, CSS, SCSS and css-compiled. The basic idea behind SCSS seems clear and useful to me, to increase the functionality of CSS and compile it into the css-compiled folder for faster download.

But is there anywhere that explains a little more into the folder structure of the antimatter SCSS? Youtube videos I’ve found or the grav documentatin (thus far) has no mention of configuration, nucleus, template or vendor folders, Is there anywhere that explains this in a little more depth?

I was also having a little trouble trying to get sass to watch for changes. I’m on windows 10 using a wamp www root.

First I opened my command prompt with ruby. and used cd C:\wamp64\www\grav to navigate to the root folder. Then I tried running $ ./scss.sh and the other command, but diddn’t have much luck with it, I figured I’d done something wrong.

UPDATE: I’ve figured out why the second part wasn’t working. The Watch command.


Sass-watch (oh the puns…) didn’t work properly because I was in my sites root, where I should have been in the anti-matters ‘theme root’ - once I did that I could see that changes were being correctly watched and saved to the compiled.