Sass command not working

Whenever i try to run the shell script or type the command line in my terminal, it gives me this error: ’ error No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - scss ’

Command line being used: $ error No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - scss

Thanks for any help (:

I’m not sure why you’re having this error (never seen myself), looks like an error in your ruby setup, see this Google Search:

P.s. the theme / plugins scss helper just runs the system scss command. However, if that does not work you can use any scss compiler.

You need to install the scss SASS compiler:

Couldn’t we use this one?

Andy, wouldn’t it be possible to integrate the compiler into let’s say the admin GUI? The latest scssphp seems rather mature and we’d finally get rid of those ruby dependencies which are a real pain in the ass right now. I mean the best think about grav is that it runs without anything else but PHP.

Well that will be coming with Gantry5 as that includes it. However the PHP scss compiler is not an official port, and as such is a bit behind the official Ruby or C version. Also it’s quite a bit slower :frowning:

Not sure about Windows, but on a mac, Ruby is installed by default, but there are many SCSS compiler apps available


Windows does not come with anything web related at all. Neither PHP, Ruby or anything else. Ruby on windows is a mess. Currently on my PC it does not even run at all, because of some mixed up windows dependencies. On the other hand php is just a folder with the php binaries and nothing else. So if you’re forced to work with windows, then any package that uses just PHP is good. Anything else can be a nightmare…