Admn Panel Plugins - Compiling required

After the first steps to better set up Grav as Blog, I now wondered how and what is required to use sass / compass if I wanted to make some changes directly in .scss files.
How better to go?
Thanks for help

Are you trying to make changes to the admin plugin theme using sass?

If so, you can navigate to the plugin’s theme folder in your command line and run the command gulp css when you are finished editing or gulp watch to compile as you go.

And you need gulp and node to be installed on your machine if it isn’t already.

Yes using SASS or Compass… on my machine at the moment nothing is installed.
No, gulp never seen.
There are other ways you know?

It’s already setup to work with gulp so that’s the only way I can think of.

Install nodeJS and then gulpJS and then in your command line go to the grav folder under the admin plugin theme and run gulp watch

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Yes, I did a deeper tour inside the project files and found gulp…

I ask,
but as a .scss file I could also use Ruby On Rails and use the classic: compass watch
it’s correct?

I haven’t used compass, so I don’t know if it needs configured or anything to compile to the correct location, but yes I assume that would be able to work.

I only suggested GulpJS because the gulp config file is already setup.

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Thank U very much for helping :+1:

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Gulp does not go.
too many installation errors and when I call
gulp / gulp -v / gulp --help

-bash: gulp: command not found

I think that asking for assistance in this topic is too much, but if someone authorizes me I would open a new to understand how it works Gulp.js

Hey Man I have a godd news :sunglasses:

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Nice! Glad you got it working!

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