Sample portfolio functionality example

Hi. Can anyone help me to understand how could I make simple portfolio (list of works) functionality in Grav. I know that I need to use blueprints to make special functions in speciefic template. Can anyone describe it more than it is inside “Doc”.

I wish I could make “Works” pages, where there will be only images of speciefic work, after clicked I could see details with full sized image. It would be nice, if there where also an link do previous work, next work (like it is in blog previous posts / next posts )

Is this possible to make without writing special plugin ?
Sorry for my english.

I hope to start documenting the admin and blueprints and all that is involved in the near future. Currently your best bet is to look through the blueprints in system/blueprints/ to see how the forms are generated.

ok, so I will start study. Thank You for a fast replay :slight_smile: