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Hello hi!

We’re rebuilding our agencies website in Grav, we build a lot of prototypes and Grav have become our CMS of choice for this purpose. Our prototypes are mostly “static” and rarely use functions like taxonomies. Therefore I would love some help with choosing the best workflow for the following issues (TLDR at the end of the post if you’re not interested in the explanations):

  1. Is it possible to hide certain templates from the admin panel? Each of our cases will require some work and could end up as separate templates (rather than modular pages). It would be nice to be able to edit these from the admin panel but the template would never have to be reused.

  2. Speaking of modular pages, we will also have pages that are built from a number of premade “sections”. These could be modular pages but I’m not sure if that workflow is optimal in this case, it would be nice to be able to edit all of the content from one place. Since these sections will all share the same options I was thinking about solving this with a list field with the “variant” as one of the options . The sections would then be created as separate partials and referenced based on the “variant” header value. Are there a strong case to be made for using modular pages here (ie. performance) or would my solution work just as well? And could adding more variant or other options conflict with existing pages of this type?

  3. Lastly, are there a smoother way to connect one type on content to another rather than using taxonomies? In our case a project will reference one or more departments but not the other way around. My first thought was to add a department taxonomy and then create a collection on each department that looks for “its” term in this taxonomy. Another solution could be to have the department(s) as a header on each project and then use this as an if statement in the collection on the department page. Maybe I’m overthinking here but it would be nice if this header had some kind of “connection” to the department in question. Like a page reference of sorts, is this possible? Of these two solutions, does one have a strong case over the other (ie. performance)? Please note that we have four department right now, there could be more down the road but it wont change much or in an instant.


  1. Is it possible to hide a certain template from the admin panel?
  2. Creating “fake modular pages” from a list field, good or bad?
  3. Taxonomies vs. page headers (vs. page reference (if possible)) in collections?

Many thanks in advance and don’t hesitate to ask if something seems odd or badly explained. English is not my native language so the explanations might not be as to the point as they could be.

You can’t hide a certain template from admin. You might be able to do this via a plugin but have not tried.

Fake modular pages is a valid approach if it solves a problem you have.

Again whichever works best for your needs regarding taxonomies and page header collections. Sometimes you don’t want to deal with taxonomies and sometimes you need that level of control.