Trying to figure out workflow for building page templates and content

Hello! I have been doing design for the web for over 13 years, but I never really understood front end development. I am trying to wrap my head around the way that Grav works, in terms of making page templates, twig templates, etc. and I read the documentation and I’m confused.

I have limited knowledge of things like Rails, which has a very prescribed way of doing things. Grav seems similar in that it has a set place where things go to build pages, etc.

Can someone walk me through how you would make a portfolio? I want a set of individual portfolio pages with standard data, then pull some of that data to a page collection page as the parent page.

I am not sure where twig templates, markdown files, etc. go and I’m having trouble starting.

Welcome to Grav!

Have you already seen this as well?

I also found it very helpful to explore a fully-working skeleton, for example the Antimatter-based Blog Skeleton “Blog Site”.