Reorder modular children with drag&drop

I used Grav v1.5.10 and Admin v1.8.20 to build a Onepager.
In Admin I was able to set Folder Numeric Prefix to enabled From within a modular child, and then was able to reorder the modular children with drag&drop.
Worked like a charm.

After the update to Grav v1.6.3 it seems this does not work anymore.

I did a fresh install of Grav v1.6.3 and Admin v1.9.0, and also was not able to set a modular childs Folder Numeric Prefix to enabled. When I set Folder Numeric Prefix to enabled in the UI and save it, it changes back to disabled.

Has this feature been removed or am I missing something?

I can confirm it is still working on my end, after updating 1.5 > 1.6.3.

Thanks, this is good news!
So I’ll look into this further…

Possibly my Problem was related to this issue

After upgrading to admin v1.9.1 everything is working seamlessly again.
Thank you for this wonderful cms!

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