Module Ordering in GUI + Possible Bug

First I’d like to emphasize that I am completely aware of setting modular page order in the YAML header as such:

    items: '@self.modular'
        by: default
        dir: asc
            - _showcase
            - _highlights
            - _callout
            - _features

My post is in regard to using the dashboard / gui. I’m trying to establish a modular template driven site so that my users can build most pages for themselves.

Figure 1 (below) you will see a subset of my modular page layout.


Figure 2 (below) is the gui for ordering pages amongst their peers. The page called History & Highlights is the first modular template in the tree and is easily re-ordered with the drag and drop interface, marker A.


Figure 3 (below) is taken from the Advanced tab of one of the module pages that is subordinate to History & Highlights. For marker A - is there any way to enable a drag and drop page ordering for a module amongst its peers as it is done with its parent as in Figure 2?


Possible Bug:

Enabling Folder Numeric Prefix as in Figure 3 marker B (above), will definitely rename the directory of the page, prefixing it with a number. However, when enabling it on a peer sub-modular page, it will again prefix the directory but without incrementing the number! See in Figure 4 (below) a screen shot of my directory tree in my code editor (Sublime Text). The page directories were all prefixed with 01.


Appreciative of responses.

I think this might be a bug. You can see I added ordering based on order: by: being set in the page, but nothing else. To fully support custom: ordering more logic would need to be employed.

Currently if no explicit ordering is set, it falls back to the filesystem ordering.

Please create an issue for this here:

I guess if you were to give that area of the gui some attention, then I’d mention that there is no way for a front end user to “turn on” modularity for a modular or blog page without adding items: '@self.modular' or items: '@self.children' to the header in “expert” mode. This comes up when a user adds a new page using the gui and selects a blog or modular template. Module and item pages created sub to that are not picked up.