After update new version 1.3.0 order of pages has changed

After updating version 1.3.0, it changes the order of pages sorted by number and the drag and drop does not keep the order after save action. Therefore the front menu is not in order.

Hi, can you make a quick screenshot of your pages structure to replicate the issue?

Are you in a linux environment? Is the intl PHP extension installed? (search for it in the /admin/config/info panel if unsure)

I have the exact same issue. It worked before the update. After it, everything seems to be rearranged alphabetically.

intl seems to be installed.

Pages structure:


Linux = yes
intl = yes

I reproduced this on another site.

Thanks for the feedback, I did not realize at first it was ordering in Admin, I was thinking about the frontend.

Another similar issue reported:

The front and back are not in order.

Yes applies to both front and back. This light PR seems to fix the issue for me, can you confirm?

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It seems to work correctly after that fix, at least on my page! Thanks!

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Yes it’s perfect now. Thanks