Removing Grav copyright notice from footer


I would like to know if I am allowed to remove the Grav copyright notice from the footer ?

The page is planned to be used for commercial purposes.

Thank you

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@snake, You post could be improved by adding some additional information. Please read the guidelines about creating proper questions and update your post accordingly.

I believe @snake is simply asking if footer can be removed or changed. The answer is yes. It’s released under MIT license

@Karmalakas, The answer depends on which footer OP is referring to:

  • the footer of Admin?
  • the footer of a theme?
  • the footer of a Premium product?

NB. You are referencing to a license of Grav core.

  • AFAIK Grav core does not generate footers.
  • Any license provided by Grav core, does not automatically apply to all themes, Admin and Premium licenses.

Apart from the above, I would also like OP to take note of:

  • The request not to use screenshots
  • That questions about Premium products should be directed to its dedicated repo

Ah, OK. I never thought of this like that. I never change plugins (like Admin) anyway. And I also never use other themes besides my own.

Hi all, thank your for your messages.

I am using Typhoon as a Premium template and wanted to remove the line in the footer, which can be seen in my screenshot. It is was added automatically. Sorry for providing less context information.

Is it allowed from legal perspective ?

Thank you

@snake, I know I’m nagging…

If you had read the guidelines I referred to, you would know that any question related to Premium products should be asked at its dedicated repo on Github.

Ok, sorry. Will do that. Thank you

Done. [typhoon] Removing Grav copyright line from footer · Issue #437 · getgrav/grav-premium-issues (


Response on Github: “Of course you are fee to remove it”

@snake, I’m curious, do premium themes like this come bundled with license files? The open source ones do. That’s where you normally find the answers to these questions.

The license file is pointing to Grav Premium License | Grav CMS (

There is nothing mentioned related to my question.

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