Can I remove Grav link and message?

Hi. I’m new member of this folum and This is my first time to use Grav.
I have a question. I use "Learn2 with Git Sync Site " theme.
I would like to remeve sentece “Built with Grav - The Modern Flat File CMS” at left side below.
Can I remove this ? or I can not remove this line becase of MIT licence?

I’m not sure about MIT liecece. I post all this skelton code to my server without any delete about Author info. Am I all right with this?

Yes, you can delete it. The MIT-license is just about the most permissive code license out there.

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Thank you very much. I unserstand that.

And Could you teach me how to delete “Built with Grav - The Modern Flat File CMS” from "Learn2 with Git Sync Site " theme please?

It appears that this notice is hard-coded in the templates/partials/sidebar.html.twig file.
You could manually edit it and remove this line, but be advised, that it will be overwriten during next theme update.

You can resolve this by creating a subtheme overwriting this single file, as described here

As the text is sourced from language.yml (file providing translations for theme options), you could also override this string ( THEME_LEARN2_BUILT_WITH_GRAV) in custom language file at /user/languages/ as described here I suppose, but I never did something like this, so can’t give you any more tips, sorry.

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Dear MakaryGo
Thank you very much.
I can remove the line. I see … theme update undo it.
I really appreciate. Thank you.