Remove/edit default headers and footers


I have been using grav for a couple of days only and been loving it so far. The documentation is a bit too unclear for someone like me who is not very technical, and that is why I am here.

I am not sure how, but from the the admin I have changed the content of the footer, and now I have no idea how to edit it. (by footer I mean the piece of the page that contains the grav and theme attribution).
As for the header, same thing, I don’t see where to change it or remove it. (by header I mean the upper banner, containing by default the name of my site, and also a navigation menu it seems)

Right now, it seems that when I create a new page, both header and footer are applied by default, with no apparent easy way to change that.

However, I chose the Hypertext theme, attracted by its simplicity and expecting that it would let me choose what to include on each page.

Can you guide me?
If this is something complicated to change, is there a theme that let you manage this stuff easily?

Thank you very much in advance for you help!

UPDATE: sorry, small correction: the footer that I changed via admin is not the footer containing the grav and theme attribution, but another footer. I do know I can change the footer with the attribution line (not via the admin though, but editing a yaml file if my memory serves me right).

Hi Anto,

For that you need to change the Twig theme template files “header.html.twig” and “footer.html.twig”. You’ll find them in the Hypertext theme folder under “templates/partials/page/”.

To learn about Grav themes and Twig see the Grav documentation on Themes.

Hope this helps!

Hi Bleutzinn,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Do you know of any theme that allows you to choose full-height pages? that is, pages without headers and footers. Or a theme that simply do not have header/footer?

I really want to avoid having to go through the create child theme and mess with the code process.