Question: creating page -> clickable dropdown folders instead of html select tag?

Hey there,
I really don’t know, if this is the right place to ask on this topic…

What I want to ask is if there is some better option in selecting the folder when the user is creating a page?

I mean the select is fine when in the site exists like 20 pages but when a website contains more, it’s quite unclear.

If there is something like the default clickable foldering system in Pages (I mean included in the creating page modal, can I have it?

So, what I mean is this list

Instead of this select

It will be very nice addon I guess.

Thank you in advance for your replies,

I had the same question and solved with this:

The link above will give you a recipe to create a button in admin panel which will let the user create a file with the destination you’ve assigned.

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Oh it looks like good solution!

I’ll start from now.

Do you have some code to share with?

Anyway thanks for your reply!

You have to get down to business with blueprints to really customize.
but for a simple solution
follow the instruction on the link


      type: hidden
      default: /YOURDESTINATION

this is only a fraction of things you have to set.

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