Admin GUI: Folders vs. pages

Hello all,

I’ve read the section on Pages and Folders multiple times now and still don’t understand what the “add folder” link in the frontend is meant to do.

It does not create a “module-folder” since it doesn’t get an underscore as first character. It is “non-routable” though.

It is also not a basic filesystem “folder” per se, since the frontend associates it with a default page template and even allows me to enter content (even though it doesn’t have a file after creation).


The folder also gets listed in a “@self.descendants” collection (one level above) even though it doesn’t have a page file and is not routable.

It creates a default.md5 file as soon as I enter content and also changes it to routable then - this basically makes it into a full page?

I am not sure if I am missing the important part in the documentation because it’s late and I should be in bed already, but this is kind of confusing. :slight_smile:

While I am thinking about making the year folders blog-list pages that list all posts from that year anyway, I’d really like to understand the difference between “page” and “folder” if a folder behaves like a page anyway?

I’m also interested in “Add folder” vs “Add page”.
Never understood what “Add folder” is for.