Admin Panel: other way to choose parent?

Hey guys!

When creating a new page, it is possible to choose a parent page from a dropdown list.
So, is there any other “client-friendly” way to do this? My client has a page hierarchy of up to 7 sublevels and in summary 520 pages. So, scrolling down to the right parent seems a little bit like pain in the …

If not, some ideas for the next release.
some “type foward” feature?
an icon with “create child page here” next to the delete link in the pages list?

hum, another approach that should be realizeable without much effort.

  • in the options pane of the page editor, create a “can be parent” (yes/no) option.
  • filter the dropdown for parent pages on this option. (only “can be parent” -> yes)

is there a way to extend the admin panel by myself without killing the update consistency?

Sounds like a good idea. Please add a request here:

ok thx. will do that a little later.

Issue #735 :slight_smile: thx