Add a custom page creation modal for MODULAR type page

Hi all,

Please help I’m totally stumped on this

I’d like to create a modal like in recipe
for modular pages.

I’ve created a working copy of blueprint, but when I try to save it the blueprint cannot be found.

the yaml file is saved in user/themes/MY-THEME/blueprints/modular/target.yaml
instead of MY-THEME/blueprints/target.yaml.


how can I make a page page creation modal for modular page like in “ADD MODULAR” found in
admin/pages/ top right button


Hi @ryan, for this technique you actually need two blueprints - one for the creation dialog and one for editing the page.

You can see a complete working example in my Open Course Hub skeleton…

Create Admin Panel Button Bar items:

Add item blueprint (note file location):

For editing a page, you would place the page blueprint in the usual spot, your example for a modular blueprint looks right assuming MyTheme is the active theme. Here are a few more examples:

Hope the above helps,

Thank you!! @paulhibbitts

Add item blueprint (note file location):
is the key to solving this puzzle!!

what I previously did was to make an symbolic link to the first blueprint.–>didn’t workout

Thank you very much!!