Pricing for Pro Version?

Is there anything public you can say about your tentative pricing for the Pro version?

There is no plan to have a “Pro” version of Grav per say, only a “Pro” version of the admin plugin and probably a “Pro” Forms plugin, maybe others too.

The pricing for the Pro admin plugin is looking like $40 per site. That said the basic (free) admin plugin is going to be much more capable than competing ‘commercial’ cms products.

At this point nothing is final, so feedback is welcome!

Commercial plugins, “PRO versions”, that’s what killed the ExpressionEngine comunity :confused:

No problems anyway, we’ll see what will come “tomorrow”, I’ll maybe roll out some premium plugins/themes :slight_smile: too.

Pricing for Open Source products is always interesting. You need to monetize your project somehow, but you also need to build momentum for the product. Perhaps you could do it like many of the Wordpress plugins, by having a per site price and an unlimited site developers version? I think Concrete 5 hurt themselves by charging for every plugin you need to have. I’m not sure Expression Engine is a good example, they charge a fee for the CMS itself.

There is also the obvious revenue from themes/templates. Being connected to Rocket Theme, I would guess that is part of the plan.

I was talking about EE by experience, as it was the CMS I used for my clients-projects and saw the shift . It’s the “Fremium” model : first free, than when addopted by enough people it turns premium. Indeed the CMS itself was not free, but alone EE was not complete, it needed plugins (somehow the hidden costs).

I would prefer to think of it more along the lines of the WordPress or Joomla model. CMS is free, many great plugins and themes are free, but also some of the best are commercial.

There will always be people who just dont’ want to pay for anything, and I think they will still be very happy with Grav. People who don’t mind paying a few dollars will end up with something pretty special though.

If we can grow the community enough, this will support 3rd party commercial developers and make the community and platform even stronger.

I like this idea and want to build from it. What can we do as a community to help with this project?

We definitely welcome any and all help to improve Grav. How you can help depends on your skillset.

If your a developer, it would be awesome to get help with bug-fixes, new features, plugins, skeletons, etc. All of this can be managed via GitHub

If you are an end-user, any new documentation, or updates/typo fixes on the current documentation is always appreciated. Also blog posts, tutorials, guides, anything that helps people learn how to use Grav would be a great help.

Other than that, helping to promote Grav and get awareness out would be awesome. Anything else you can think of? Grav is a relatively new project, so we pretty much need help everywhere! :slight_smile:


The pricing for the Pro admin plugin is looking like $40 per site.

So that would make an unlimited site license about $300+ ?

It would have to be a pretty good plugin!

+1 for an one site license price + an unlimited site license for developer :slight_smile:

We’ll definitely consider having both options.

That pricing is beyond my reach… I guess I’ll have to settle for a free version then… Pitty…

Pricing has not even been finalized!

My 2c:

  • +1 Premium support
  • +1 Premium plugins
  • +1 Premium themes
  • +1 Hosting (perfect for non-dev)
  • -100 Per site license -> I would hate this option a lot, Worpress is free, Joomla is free, … really think it would hurt the community.

My personal opinion. If you want a community of developers, you should make it free for them as much as possible and charge non-devs or their clients (admin plugin as an example for that, or hosting with CDN…).
Plus, if you have a marketplace for plugins/themes, so that devs can make some extra cash, that can always help.

Let me make this clear, there is not going to a site license for Grav itself. its’ free, it will always remain free. The only thing we are talking about here is a premium version of the admin plugin. The admin plugin that exists today will continue to have new functionality added too, but we need to generate some revenue to pay for Grav development, and we think (and other people have confirmed) that a premium and more advanced version of the admin would be appreciated.