Admin plugin development progress

I figured I would use the new forum to show off screenshots and cool stuff that’s going into the new Admin plugin.

For clarity, i’m developing the Pro plugin first as it’s easier for me to do it that way. When we have enough of the core elements to create the Basic version of the plugin, I will split the plugin into two.

The current thinking is that the Pro version will extend the Basic version. It will add and override the core functionality provided in the Basic one.

The intention is that the Basic Admin plugin will have the essential configuration and page functionality as well as an integrated installer and updater. The Pro version will add more configuration options as well as other benefits such as plugin configuration, statistics, etc.

Just wanted to show some pretty cool UI stuff that we created with the help of Selectize JS. This makes it really simple to use the admin:



Any ideas on the cost of the pro-version yet?

I think in the range of $30 to $40 per site deployment for the Pro version. The Basic version will be no slouch though. It will probably be more powerful than most other flat CMS admins currently are

Nice to know, for some basic sites not need a PRO version, but help the developers (all need to eat) to continue this big work. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Just realized my animated GIFS have been JPG-ified!! Sorry about that, i made some lovely animated ones to see how the selectize stuff worked in action.

Multi-Language Support as a Pro feature would be nice, I guess.

As stated here:!/general:hmmi-wonder-what-the-gra we definitely have multi-language on our development radar.

I mean for dummies who need to use an editor :slight_smile:

Yah that is something that we will support in the Pro Admin panel. But first have to actually have the support in Grav written :slight_smile:

(Cool, I can see that you are writing.)

I’m really excited where the journey with grav will lead. It’s an great CMS and with the admin-panel, you are developing a core element for its success (my opinion).

So keep going :slight_smile:!/@schurb not only for dummies but in the business work, some clients I don’t undestand how to write the page, then with admin panel it’s more easy to explain :slight_smile: Btw I waiting admin panel (pro version first :P) for create a presentation on my business site for GravCMS and offer to my clients the free transfert from WordPress to Grav :slight_smile:

Just thought I would show off a little video of drag-n-drop uploading plus our new media URL handling to show the kind of cool stuff you will be able to do with the Grav admin plugin:

Awesome! any eta for the plugin? can’t wait to start building my yaml blueprints!

I would imagine a further 2 to 3 weeks before we have something that is usable (although not completely finsihed)

Any news about the Admin Plugin ?

Did you check out the blog post?

I did saw the blog and it looks awesome, but my question was about your previous post in that forum thread, the “2 to 3 weeks before … something that is usable” :wink:

Yah I took a break from admin and switched to some other Grav tasks such as improving the Debugger bar, Error handling and logging that I was needing for some of the more intricate Admin tasks. I plan on finishing that up soon and getting back on Admin development.

Soooo, how’s it going with the admin plugin? Any news yet?