Question about Grav Premium

I have a few questions about the Grav Premium package.

First is it a lifetime purchase or purchase that will be needed to be renewed from time to time?

I notice it is a per site purchase. Is there anything in the works for a developers license where it can be purchased and used on unlimited sites?

If purchased for use on a local host for testing and development purposes, how will that affect the license? Can I install it more than once on my own local server or would it still be limited to one install.

I am just getting started actually learning Grav CMS and have a few test sites on my local server. It would be nice to be able to use Grav premium on these sites if possible.

Thank You

Hi Tom,

Most of your questions are already answered in the FAQ. For example the first one about ‘lifetime’ is here:

Please check out the FAQ and let me know if you still have any unanswered questions.

One thing that is not in the FAQ is regarding developer licenses. We decided that it makes more sense to license things per site to start with to keep things simple. I don’t think we would do a developer style (unlimited uses) until we have a way to ensure it’s not abused. It would probably mean something along the lines of a developer account where you ‘register’ the domains you are using it on, so we can tell if the license has been compromised and shared. This is obviously a more complex undertaking than the system we have in place, so I don’t see it coming any time soon. We would first rather focus on improving the products we have, and working on the ones we have in the pipeline. After that we might consider it if we had a lot of requests.


Thank you for taking the time to reply and for the link to the FAQ. I do find developer licenses convenient. The only paid Wordpress plugins I use now all have developer licenses. That being said, I do understand where you are coming from about trying to limit the abuse of people sharing Grav Premium. I don’t find $50 for a lifetime purchase unreasonable, and knowing I can use it on a development server without having to buy multiple copies is a plus.

I see the FAQ section, but none of the questions expand when I click on them. I’m using Chrome on Windows 10.

I’m very sad about this turn. Paid for support, premium theme, Ok… Paid for a good editor that should be the default editor NO. Idem for media managing etc. I use and try to convince others to use Grav for a free or very low-cost website and, at 99% very little business…
Paid 50$ for just one plugin per site NO. Grav is a little CMS, very well developed (code base, twig, flat, light etc), good documentation but with limits, bugs, rude not polished things, slow development the last two years (now I understand why).
I didn’t find the trick very fair and too late, and I’m a little angry. No reasonable dev license with the tale of abuse ?! serious? So many big dev agencies using Grav ?
I return to Bolt cms and Drupal. Bad year.