Pro version

Hi all. Can anyone tell how will soon be a Pro version of the Admin plugin? I’d like to see… And how much it will cost, it is very important if you are a developer.
As well as functionality. It would be super functional thing?)) Or the developers focused on one thing, kind of wysywig editor. For it would be important to have some kind of form designer, much time is spent on the setup form. Can arrange some sort of vote functions among users?

The pro version is still in active development. The WYSIWYG editor is a bit part of this and we have a good plan on how to implement this in a Grav-centric way.

There are other parts that include user management, media management, content versioning, and more.

A form builder is not planned as part of the pro admin but more likely would be a separate pro plugin.

Admin Pro Pricing is not finalized but < $50 per use.

OK. Wait. But about a plugin that simplifies Assembly of forms would be one of the most useful.

50$ per site or per developer (with multiply sites)?