Page Types: Difference between "Folder" and "Listing"?

In the documentation it says “There are 3 primary types of pages (Standard, Listing, and Modular) within Grav, and each has relevant headers.”

But in my grav install, when I select the dropdown to add a new “page” the options are:
“Page … Folder … Modular”.

Has the page type “Listing” had its name changed to “Folder” or is Folder something altogether different?

A listing refers to a Page that lists other pages. Take blog posts for example, they typically have folder names such as 01.cake-in-the-morning, 02.happy-sundays, If they all had the taxonomical category ramblings, we could have a listing page called “Ramblings”.

Folders are just the filesystem construct, and each Page - whatever type it may be - is contained within a folder.