Use simple instead of folders


I have found the same topic in the archive but would like to reopen it :
I am just starting with Grav, I find it awesome, but I am also a bit surprised that there is no way to use both :
Most of the times, one only need text (especially for blogs) with no image attached.
In that case, a flat structure of,, … etc would be much simpler and straightforward.

Is it that much complicated to have appear as page/ to Grav ?

hi raphj,

i am still new to grav and perhaps i am not entitled to comment this suggestion, but for my part this is nothing that worries me.
for my part it is still reasonable to name a folder by the slug (or numbered.slug) and the after the template that is used.
Otherwise you would have to add these informations in the frontmatter - in wich case, you would have to open the file to know, what it is about.

I like it the way it works currently

just my 2 cent