Standard or Regular Pages?

I’m brand new to Grav and am reading my way through the documentation found here:

I’m seeing a discrepancy and am not sure what to do about it. Some parts of the documentation calls the normal/default page type a “Standard” page, and other parts call it a “Regular” page. I was going to make a change on Github but realized I don’t know which name is correct.

What is the correct name for the first type of page listed?

Hi @miller.nw, welcome aboard!

Regarding terminology Grav is rather loose. A regular page is just another name for a standard page.

Another example of loose terminology you’ll encounter is the mixed use of “page headers” or just “headers” and “(page) frontmatter”. These are in the context of Grav most often identical “things”. But not always.

Personally I prefer to use the term frontmatter since header is so widely used. Correctly or not, it’s used for headings (H1, H2, etc), the HTML <head> element, HTTP headers (for example Content-Type) and HTTP Security Headers.

Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m excited to dig into Grav and put it through its paces. I feel at home with its design and have been wishing for something like it for a long time… Wordpress has its place but it’s just so messy!

As to naming conventions on the documentation, would it be helpful if I change some of the terms on the github page? I could try to change all the “regular” to “standard” or vice versa? Or is it ideal to have the terms switch back and forth so everyone understands how they’re interchangeable?

P.S. I like the term frontmatter too. It separates it’s meaning from the convoluted term header/head

On the matter of contributing to the Grav documentation I think I can also speak for Team Grav and Yes, any improvement to the Grav documentation is welcome.

Whether or not the strictness of naming conventions was or is deliberate I just don’t know.

Maybe instead of modifying existing documentation what about a Glossary of Grav terms? From that the diversity of terms for the same thing would become clear. And maybe from there we as a community could discuss whether or not a more strict convention is needed?

@bleutzinn, I’d be happy to help with that Glossary but I don’t feel I’ve yet earned the right to create anything on the Github repo. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Let me know if a Glossary is created and I’ll see what I can do to add/edit a bit.