Pages and Pagination

I’m new to Grav, just found it recently here. I was looking for something to replace highly unsecure wordpress. Also, wanted to switch to markdown and use my favorite editor. First I found PicoCMS but its not maintained anymore and I found Grav CMS much more newbie friendly. Documentation is very good. However I haven’t had the time to read it all yet. So sorry if I asked something that is already in docs.

I have few questions, maybe some one could help me with.

  1. How can I config Grav to use simple pages without having to create folders. Like /pages/ and /pages/ or at least something like /pages/site/ etc…

  2. Is there a plugin or a way to split very long articles ? Like in wordpress I would use or simular to split the page into in-page pagination.

Hello, thanks to choose Grav for the next website, I help the devs with your anwers :slight_smile:

  1. Not possible because Grav system working in this place, filename related to template and folder for page/post/anything.
  2. Nice idea for my next plugin, At this moment we not have this plugin.

If you need other informations you can reply here or follow the chat :slight_smile:

Yah just to reiterate, every page needs it’s own folder. This is not a limitation, it’s a feature that we decided on early-on to ensure that Grav would scale effectively, and also better represent a manageable routing structure. It also allows each page to have knowledge of their own set of media (images, videos, files etc). So each page is self contained in a folder.

That plugin would be pretty easy to write, it just doesn’t exist yet. Basically it would be similar in concept to the current pagination plugin, but rather than paginating over multiple pages, it would paginate over page-breaks in the content of one page.

If your unable to write it yourself, maybe someone else in the community looking to enhance their plugin writing skills might take it on.

Yeah having to use folders for every page I create is not fun. There is times that you just need few pages why would I want to store them in directories LOL

I think there should at least be an option in config to so people who prefer to use pages without folders they could simply switch it on in config.

Something like “storage_type” = “pages” or “dirs” or similar. This is actually one of the reasons why I don’t switch to Grav. This is very annoying for me.

As for writing page-breaks plugin, yeah if some one in community has time to do one. This would help a lot and be very useful.

Especially for very long articles. Instead of creating separate pages, you would just use this command or similar to paginate inside pages based on this breaks.

Thanks for the help.

Not going to happen i’m afraid. If you don’t create the folder, you will need to set the menu item, the route, the visibility, and order in the page header. It’s actually faster to just create a folder.

The admin plugin will negate the need to create the folder manually, as it will do it for you when you create a page, however, it’s such a trivial thing that takes a couple of seconds to do. Is it really such a chore???