Page not visible


I just came across the below, rather odd behavior.

I tried to add a language to my grav site. In the backend it all worked out fine, however all ‘new’ pages are not visible, even though the sliders in the advance settings are all checked and toggled to yes. Additionally upon checking the frontmatter YAML of the pages, they all show:

routable: true
cache_enable: true
visible: true

However when i check the ordering option the following remains there as well: “Page is not visible, ordering disabled”

Now i tried to undo the whole translation part, removing the supported languages. but unfortunately now the other modular parts in the ‘original’ language are also non-visible, non-routable, and also here i can change settings whatever i want, they remain like that (One would expect the visibility toggle to reset, but that one remains toggled and slider on visible).

Anybody has an idea what is the cause of this?

Just to be clear… visible is the toggle for pages to be visible in the menu only.

This is really just an override of the default behavior. That behavior is that if a folder has a numeric prefix (ie 01.home/) then it’s visible, else if it has none (home/) it is not visible.

It’s best to develop a site via the files with a solid understanding of how things work before jumping into the admin. The admin is primarily intended for maintaining a site, or for content authors. Development is best done directly on the files or you could just end up confused.

I strongly advise reading the first few chapters of the docs to get a solid understanding of how things work:

Thanks for your reply, Im aware of default behavior, but even with that i fail to understand what happened. I’m running 4 websites on Grav now, of which 2 are multilingual without any problem. However in this particular case the setup really seemed to have a mind of its own.

I resolved it by reinstalling the complete grav install + admin and reupload my theme + content.

Runs fine now! tnx