Strange behaviour of pages (admin) display

Hi all; i’ve just updated from 1.7.1 to 1.7.3 and I’ve noticed a strange behaviour in pages -admin display: some pages which are saved as visible - non routable are anyway displayed as visible - routable if I click on the 3 little dots just beside the title of the page. Even the color of the icon of those pages is incorrect: it should be grey and instead is blue (see the attached image: the “News” page has blue background and the little popup reports the page as visible-routable, while it is visible, but NOT routable) I suppose this is a bug.
Anyone else has this problem?

Hi @maria , I just tested this on a local test site and I can’t seem to reproduce. Is this happening on any other 1.7.3. site too?

Hi Paul, this is the only website I have updated till now (it’s in localhost) … i suppose that is a problem related to a multilingual website. I opened a new issue in Grav-admin plugin in github

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Thanks for the follow-up and adding an issue. Cheers!