My site for WP plugins changed to Grav

I recently changed the site where I showcase my free WP plugins and decided it was time to put it together with Grav CMS.

I just started to dabble around in Grav, so have not yet used a custom theme and instead used the Receptar skeleton.

The site is SO WP, looking forward to receiving feedback :slight_smile:

Hi Bohan, Took a look at your site… Looks Great!
How or where do you edit the logo text from “MY BLOG” to a logo and also remove the - MY BLOG from your meta title ending?
Been searching for answers… hope you can help.

Hi Dave, it has been a while, so I had to look it up :slight_smile:

In my templates/partials/header.html.twig on line 4 I have added my logo like so:

<a href="{{ base_url_absolute }}" title="{{ 'SITE.TITLE'|t }} - {{ 'SITE.DESCRIPTION'|t }}">
  <img src="{{ theme_url }}/images/logo.png" alt="logo" />

Does that help any?

Hi @bohan, I’m intrigued that you decided on Grav to showcase your WP! I also wonder, looking at your offerings, how many WP plugins exist simply to fix crappy and annoying features.

Heads up: something isn’t loading properly for me, as the icons on left hand side menu are rendering as boxes.


Hi @hughbris thanks for the head’s up about the icons, they should show again now.

With the whole discussion about Gutenberg that is forced into WP, I think it is a good time to look around for alternatives to use when people want a simple fast site without all the bells and whistles. I have experimented with Grav, of which SO WP is an example and for my other site I am using Kirby CMS, which to be honest has my preference over Grav.

And you are absolutely right about many plugins “solving” crappy features and other annoying crap of either WP itself or of other plugins. That should not be necessary, but unfortunately is, which also begs the question whether it has perhaps outgrown itself?

I noticed Kirby seemed popular when I looked around for good CMSs a while back. It was out of contention for me after I realised it’s commercial though. I’m not trying to persuade you, and I don’t know about the Kirby community, but hopefully this is also a consideration for you. The commercial direction has harmed Wordpress now to the point where:

  • no-one does anything without financial reward,
  • the core team is commercially incentivised to leave long-standing bugs and huge feature gaps unaddressed (oh yeah, and old official docs),
  • it’s impossible to find solutions online because all the plugin vendors invest all their effort in SEO and upgrade nag screens (not into their plugin! they don’t care if it fits or if it works).

It’s an embarrassment to open source. Anyway, I’m getting enraged and this is not the forum for venting about other products. I’m with someone better now :stuck_out_tongue: Grav is better off just being the best it can be. I hope it continues to check that it’s not following that direction.

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your site is greate man.
I take a look and it looks great.