From WP to Grav

My first Grav site :slight_smile:


Nice :slight_smile: What did you use for FAQ accordion? Shortcode?

Also noticed Cookie consent and chat overlaps each other. You should move cookie consent maybe to the left :wink: And for some reason I had to click 3 times for cookie consent to disappear

@lucy66t, Nice indeed…

According to Google Lighthouse, there is some room for improvement though…



  • To improve the loading of assets, you may want to take a look at the Asset Manager to minify and combine css and js assets.
  • The page shifts down once the hero image gets loaded. To prevent Cumulative Layout Shift, which has become a ranking metric, you may want to add height/width to the hero image.

Apart from a few possible improvements, all in all it’s a nice site. Especially considering it’s your first Grav one.

Thank you :slight_smile: