Multi user blog creation


I’m creating a blog to be used by a community. There shall be sevral contibutors I and wonder how to do :

  • an insciption panel for new user to create an account
  • an athentification process to log in
  • an editing page to write new blog posts from a web browser.

something realy usual but I find nothing like that so far.

Thanks for your help

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Grav’s login plugin does these and is well documented.

There are probably a few ways to do this, none of which are the one true way that you are hoping for:

Looking into this, unless I am missing something, it’s something you need to put together to requirements and there is very little available out of the box. Grav’s Skeletons are supposed to provide this kind of quick start functionality. Unfortunately, searching for blog in the list reveals lots that seem to be simply sites using blog themes, or aimed at a single editing user. Might be worth having a proper look at them, I have only skimmed. Ideally this is where you find something ready to go to your requirements.

I agree this is a common requirement. I think the reason it doesn’t exist is that Grav is more a toolbox of parts that it empowers you to put together to your specifications to do useful things. It’s not like Wordpress, for example.

Hope that helps, or that someone else can be more useful :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. I already looked to skeletons but unfortunately they didn’t embed the admin panel and with the instalation of the one I tested (Blog Site), I can’t execute the commands of gpm by ssh login to my server…

I manage to execute gpm commands with the installation package grav+admin, maybe a priviledge mater.
I will work on this point. Skeletons seems to be a good basis to start with.