Discuss Grav 1.3 and Admin 1.5 releases

The blog has been a bit quieter than normal lately, but that’s only because we’ve been busy working on a new Grav release that contains a plethora of goodies, a variety of user requested improvements, an assortment of bug fixes, as well as a smattering of important security enhancements…



Awseome! Congrats on the milestones :trophy:

We got reports of a page ordering issue on Linux with the Intl PHP extension installed. If you run into this, an update is coming!

Is there ever going to be an option/way to create new page templates via admin like you can in shopify?

We feel that new page templates are really the realm of the developer, not the user. As the admin is really intended for end-users and not primarily intended for developers, its unlikely you’ll see a developer specific feature like this in the admin.

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I agree with @rhuk, one of the reasons why I enjoy Grav is the fact that there’s a good separation of concerns of content administration and development.

The last thing I would want to see would be a bloated administration layer similarly to Wordpress/Drupal.

Can you update your documentation to explain better how to make non-admin users, editor roles, please.

While I understand your POV, I don’t really agree with it. The admin should make things as easy as possible/save time. I don’t think it’s bloatware either. It’s pretty basic functionality. Is this something you would consider adding in the paid admin plugin version?

Spell Checking in the Admin page editor. That would be really nice.Right now, I use Stackedit to write, then copy and paste into the page editor in Grav. That’s an addition to the workflow that I’d prefer to skip.

I agree with this sentiment.

One of the attractions of Grav for me is the ability to develop and maintain a site in a clean and simple way, using tools of my own choice.

It’s great that there is a web based GUI for end users, but I don’t see the need to cater for developers in the same way.


For those of you that want a template builder you may consider combining Grav with something like http://grapesjs.com/demo.html

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yes ! sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congratulation !!!111