Need start-up aid regarding bootstrap theme

Hey all!
So I installed the Core+Admin-Plugins and everything works great. Than I installed the bootstrap-theme, enabled it and everything looks bad now. So I thougt when I would downloaded a theme it would just look like like on the demo page. I know this is a really stupid question/topic but which steps are neccessary here to get this thing started?

This is how it looks like:

Here is a screenshot from the demo page:

Again I know this is stupid but I’m also not a professional webdeveloper so please forgive me here!

I tried to copy the pages from the antimatter blog skeleton into my project and it also doesn’t load the styles. Please see in the attached picture. Thank you!


You also need to install the bootstrapper plugin:

I was, in fact, just reminded of this myself today :slight_smile:

Wow… this is a way more complex than I thougt it would be to get this theme up and running. Thank you Paul!