Beginner: adding another theme


So i downloaded grav, got it running. But, i want to change the theme to the agency theme.
I downloaded/added the theme, but i can’t see anything different then the origninal theme grav came with. Obviously, i’m doing something wrong. ;-(

I expect to see grav running like the demo, including pages and content, like

Can anyone give me some tips?

Thanx and Kind Regards,

You need to change the configuration to use the theme, specifically like this:

  theme: agency

Thnx for the reply. I changed it in the sytem.yaml, but unfortunately, nothing happens. But would this change not go automatically if one chooses another theme?

Does it mean that, maybe, the theme is loaded, but without the pages and content? And i have to manually add the pages and content? Because the pages folder still only contains the original “antimatter” content :frowning:

OOps… i installed the theme, not the skeleton. The skeleton does contain the new page and content…
Now Grav is displaying “agency” like the demo! Nice…
thnx everybody!

Content is irrelevant, but make sure you clear the cache after changing any settings in system.yaml.