Opinions on Grav for ecommerce

I’m currently developing my first site with Grav and so far I’m loving it. It’s really nice to work with and I haven’t faced any major blocks yet, I now plan to use it for more projects in the future.

I have an ecommerce project in the pipeline so I’m wondering whether Grav is a viable option for this. I see there is a shop plugin and theme. Often the response is that you’re best using a platform geared specifically to ecommerce. I’ve used OpenCart in the past with success but I find it awkward to work with, lots of niggles and the upgrade path is a mess. Other considerations are Prestashop and Shopify, with shopify in my mind as being the safest route. It would be great to hear your thoughts on this, Cheers!

Grav works with a variety of JS-powered cart solutions such as moltin, snipcart, reactioncommerce, etc. That would get you a powerful ecommerce solution with a simple javasript integration. This is really the way the modern-web is going. You don’t want to have to maintain ecommerce on your own site, it’s too complicated, with too many security implications. Let a professional service handle it :slight_smile: