Grav cms with Wordpress

Hello friends I hope you are fine I have a content site and I want to launch a department store, but I have over 5000 products. I want to launch a department store with Grav cms ; of course, my blog’s section is WordPress Is this possible? Thanks for the advice

I guess it’s technically possible but probably a lot of trouble to set up and not worth it.

Is your blog large? I would recommend migrating it to Grav if not. I think there are export tools even if it is large.

You could set up your Grav store on a subdomain like That’s the simplest solution if you don’t mind that setup.

It should also be possible to serve your Grav store from a subdirectory on your site like This will require hacking around with rewrite rules so that WP and Grav stay completely separate depending on the path.

The problem with maintaining two different systems, apart from maintaining two systems, is that they won’t share content. So if you have shared content (including branding and theming), you’d be maintaining it in two places. One of the great features of using a CMS is being consistent without repeating yourself.