Migrating my Wordpress Site to Grav

This is a short presentation of my currently ongoing migration of my wordpress site: https://hoernerfranzracing.de to Grav CMS.
the port can already be seen on http://demo.hoernerfranzracing.de/werner .
I have already solved most of the problems I encountered so far, but
it is not yet finished, some functionality is still missing:

  • a full featured calendar which can incorporate several .ics calendars in one view
  • a sidebar widget showing upcoming events
  • a plugin which can automatically create .ics files from CalDav Calendars (like mine in the WP Directory)
  • some minor improvements :smile:

and, a short note on motivation:
I used wordpress since about 2008, but I dislike their recent devlopment with gutenberg/react , so I looked for alternatives.
And yes, Grav is the one which I like best, so far :smiley:


Ok, migration is now done, see Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Grav - a rather complete Description what had to be done.
And no, I did not (yet) delete the old WP Site, just moved it out of the way (at least for a while…) :smile:


Thanks for sharing your process from WP -> Grav🙂

you’re welcome, Paul, no problem :smiley:
Usually, I write up my experience with new projects as a reference for myself, but also in case someone with similar plans can use this, is always a good thing.

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Great write up. You summarize the advantages of Grav very well. I’m moving out of Drupal development because it doesn’t suit the sites I’m building. I briefly considered WP but the ancient code base and neolithic ‘design patterns’ stopped me in my tracks. Grav looks like the right choice to me.


I think it’s well worth, giving Grav a try - as already stated, it is modern and straightforward designed, relative easy to understand, and logical.
all things, that WP lacks to some extend :grin:
but no offense, this has also to do with the grown code base over the years.
once some things are established, you can’t just throw them away, for compatibility reasons.
although they are currently doing just that: look at their ‘move everything to gutenberg/react’ paradigma.