Solved-How have the writer in blog

I’m new on Grav.

I try to have a grav work like a blog.
Last thinks i need is to show on the blog home the writer.

I have installe the plugin:
Users Page Ownership

I have the theme :
Bootstrap Blog

What can i do ?

I need big help… Up :grin:

not sure what you mean with ‘show on the blog home the writer’.
did you read the tutorial for creating a blog ?

Yes I have read the guide.
I mean have like this

You see what i mean ?
Sorry for my bad english.


ah, ok, I think you want to show the name of the author of the blog post, right ? :smile:
well, that can be done by just insert something like this:

  <h3 class="author-title">
    {{ }}

in your theme’s blog_item.html.twig template

I have try but have lots of error…

This is the github of the theme I try to modify

OK ! I have found my error.

It’s the good olace for the code but wrong code.

Check this plugin

And inject the good code and works.

Thanks for the help.

Ok, fine to see you got it figured out.
Just another hint: you should now mark this thread as solved.
Just for reference for others who may have similar issues.
And, of course, welcome to the grav community :slight_smile:
(I should have mentioned this ealier, I know…)

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short addition to my proposal :smile:
you already added the text ‘solved’ , which is ok, for sure.
what I meant was to just click on the check box for the thread which will then be marked as solved.