Simple problem but matter

Im in the admin panel and sincerly I tried to create many pages but at the moment I see I have many problem and this can be hard if I have to manage more bloggers in my site.

    • Simply: how can I create a blog ? I basically need a engine where you can create a new post with images, soundcloud, youtube videos and galleries.
    • How can I get all new items in a blog page??

It’s hard to understand this CMS

Grav is not really ‘anything’ out of the box. It’s can be anything, but you have to set it up that way. By this I mean it can be a blog, or a shop, or a book, or a gallery, whatever.

The best way to get to where you want to go, is to install one of the existing ‘skeletons’. For example the blog site skeleton is a good place to start. These are ready-to-run installations of Grav + plugins + theme + content + config.

Also make sure you read this tutorial on creating a blog with Grav