MP3 collection - is it worth thinking about it in Grav?

I am thinking about uploading mp3s inside a folder and make grav to read the id3 tags, make list page kinda page from it - until this I think it is possible. But if I would like to have a filter on top of the page for artist for example, that is a challenge as it doesn’t has a database and if there would be thousands of mp3s that would be too resource intensive to read through. Am I missing something that could make it simple and efficient?

My initial hunch is that you have many thousands of mp3s and this will really be better served by a database.

However, that does not necessarily rule out Grav. You could setup a simple sqlite database in a plugin and store your mp3 data in that. You would get all the other benefits of Grav to render your site.

Until now there is no such plugin as to have some kind of interface with database is there? There could be a yaml syntax for calling out values maybe with the ability to have some twig logic also from a db without the connecting / operational code blocks.

No, nothing yet. We have discussed it and there are some legitimate use cases where a database would be handy. Either we create something that is a generic interface to a database, or you people just use a database as they need it. But as we have not even started on this effort yet, the second option is your best bet :slight_smile: