Media Collection With Grid View Using Grav

I’m interested in sharing photos and videos. Would it be possible to use Grav to display media with grid layout and allow users to comment? How are media files, users and comments managed?

Have you seen anything you like here?

Strange. I went to edit my reply and entire comment is deleted.

Thanks for the link but I didn’t see anything that is close. Here is the one that is for WP Link and hoping Grav can do that. Do you know if Grav is capable?

There’s a plugin that will get you close. Anything is possible. It just comes down to how much work you’re willing to do on the theme. If you link to the theme itself, someone in the community may be moved to port it, but it’s not a question of whether Grav is “capable.” It’s just a question of how “out of the box” the functionality you want is.

I will take a look at the plugin once I have a working Grav set up. You are better with words and out of the box is more what I was looking for. I’m still learning. Is that what Grav calls skeleton?

A skeleton is a grav install with a theme, sample pages, and required plugins all in one package. You don’t need a skeleton. You can install the various pieces separately, but for a clean install, a skeleton is efficient.

It seems to me that what you’re looking for can be accomplished by a plugin that can work in any theme, but there doesn’t currently exist something quite like what you’re showing. Someone would have to build it.

Thank you for all the details