Index and Search .txt or .csv files only

Hi. I’m very new to Grav, and I’m enjoying the lack of bloat (coming from another CMS).

I’m very much still learning, well, everything. LOL I have been going through the guides though :slight_smile:

My issue: I have a CSV file with 3 headers which I’d like to index and be able to search by song, title, and artist.
Would one of the existing Grav plugins accomplish this for me?
If so, can you please point me to which one?
I’d hate to think I need mysql for a 60MB file!!

I suspect this has been asked before in some context, but I’m not familiar with the correct coding terms yet to recognize.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

@tlsnine, Maybe grav-plugin-database (sqlite) could be a starting point for your solution.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.
Always a learning curve :stuck_out_tongue: