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I’m just learning the power of Grav with Blueprints (Wow!!!). I’ve customized page blueprints successfully, but I can’t create a blueprint of a module. A module for a modular page. I must be doing something wrong… The files are as follows:

- user/themes/theme/blueprints/modular/name.yaml
- user/themes/theme/templates/modular/name.html.twig

What I want is to create a module with the name template assigned where the name.yaml form is displayed (I put the example gallery from the official documentation), but I still get the standard form.

I haven’t seen a section in the official documentation that deals with module blueprints, which would be something like the parts of a modular page, but there is already a folder called parts in the templates theme folder, so the concepts of page, modular page and module confuse me a bit here.

Can someone give me a hand? It may be something simple but I’ve been stuck for days!


Hello there,

your approach is correct. The file/directory structure is correct. So it may fail at another point. Maybe the yaml is malformed, you did’nt deliver an example. This is one of my blueprint of a module a google maps section in this case:

title: Google Maps
    type: default
    context: blueprints://pages

      type: tabs
      active: 1

              unset@: true
              unset@: true
              unset@: true
              type: text
              label: some_label

Check on identation. Yaml is super picky. Analyze other theme repro’s for their blueprint implementation. Almost every solution was already made.

Beste regards.

Hi @npetri

Something goes wrong because I’ve paste your code on the following paths (at same time)…

/user/themes/theme/blueprints/parts/name.yaml (just in case…)

… and I still get the standard form :frowning: Discarding possible mistakes…

  • I assign as parent a modular page.
  • Every time I clean cache and refresh the browser (just in case…).
  • There are 5 items/modules assigned on the same modular page. The page displays smoothly with custom twig templates on each item and standard administration forms (here is where I’m blocked, the blueprints are lacking).
  • Custom blueprints from other standard pages work fine.
    I have removed the final 4 dots from your example code (I think they are superfluous, but I wanted to try pasting the code in its entirety). Nothing…

Thanks for your help.

Do you actually change page template to name when you create it?

Hi @Karmalakas

Yes, but I found that this choice points to the twig template type, not the blueprint type. I deduced that when I deleted all the Blueprints and still saw the option to choose template “name”.

Thanks for your help too

Hello @sdesergi,

I’ am not sure about having many blueprints with the same name at the same time.

The example i posted last time is a working example from my last grav project. My folder structure is as follows and this works:

(assume theme is your theme base folder)


The home file is the modular page which can have it’s own blueprint. The google-maps file is a single module and have it’s own blueprint. The blueprint folder structure looks like this:


Just for simplicity i only mentioned the google-maps module and it’s corresponding blueprint.

I can’t believe that this approach is not working in your case. If it still not working you may check it on a fresh grav installation.

I hope you are going to fix it soon!

Have a nice day.


Yes, the file paths match in my installation. Anyway, tomorrow I will go over everything from scratch (once again). If it still fails, I can share a login and FTP account if anyone wants to take a look, since I’m working in a test environment. Maybe I have something misconfigured or maybe it’s a stupid oversight that should be forgotten over a few beers…

Thanks for your time

Just took these screenshots today, just upgraded to Grav v1.7.36 - Admin v1.10.36

I still don’t know how to run a Blueprint for a module, and I can’t find information in the official documentation specific to Blueprints for modules.

I have done the same operation (and multiple variants) with a Blueprint from scratch (without the extends, type and context attributes), to rule out misuse of them.

Surely there are no parameters in the configuration or other details to go over to make sure I’m doing everything right? I need to think so in order not to believe in digital poltergeist :fearful:.


Hello @sdesergi,

I just created a repo on github → GitHub - npetri13/grav-tinker: A test and tinker theme for the flat file cms If you use it on a fresh grav installation and create the following page structure…

… it will give you some custom fields in the backend.

I hope this will help you and you get it working.

Best regards.

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I have found the cause of the problem!

Grav skips blueprints inside the theme/blueprints/modular folder as long as the theme/blueprints/pages folder exists, even if this folder is empty.

The Grav documentation explains different paths for page blueprints. On the one hand in theme/blueprints and on the other hand in theme/blueprints/pages. The blueprint paths for modules (theme/modular or theme/pages/modular) are not explained, you have to deduce them by going through the Grav themes.

I thought I could organize the blueprints in theme/blueprints/pages for pages and theme/blueprints/modular for modules, but this is incompatible.

Maybe it was a confusion when translating the text?

Thanks @npetri and @Karmalakas for your help.

Interesting result.