Looking for example of blueprints for modular pages

This used to work and it no longer does for me. After a few days of tinkering and reading through the docs, I’m stumped. Please let me know if you have an example of modular blueprints working correctly, or can see the issue in my approach.

This is an example I tried using a fresh Quark theme download today. I do not see the Admin tabs that the modular blueprint file should be adding.

File structure

|   \---01.home
|       |   modular.md
|       |   
|       \---01._hero
|               header.jpg
|               hero.md

Content of the .md files
(for good measure)


title: Home
    items: '@self.modular'
body_classes: 'title-h1h2 header-transparent'
menu: Home
onpage_menu: false


title: 'Homepage Top Image'
menu: Top
hero_classes: 'text-light title-h1h2 parallax overlay-dark-gradient hero-fullscreen'
hero_image: header.jpg

Hi @sparrow925, thanks for posting your isssue here.

I’ve been able to get that blueprint you shared working locally, by replacing the default Quark blueprint.

However, you should really be using an inherited theme for this type of thing, so any customizations to Quark remain even after any Quark updates etc. Have you done this?

Here are the docs for setting up an inherited theme:

Please let me know how you make out.

Hi @paulhibbitts: Quick clarification – What did you replace the default blueprint with? (What I shared and have been working with is the default Quark blueprint.) I might be a bit blind to the issue you’re describing, I’ve been zoomed in on it and am feeling the tunnel vision…

If I can fix this by making edits to the theme I will make sure to do it via an inherited theme (or extending blueprints through the user folder). Thanks for the reminder, and thanks more generally for sharing your time and expertise. Much appreciated.

Hi @sparrow925 I think I replaced it with the contents you posted in the GH issue🙂

Grav is awesome but like any CMS there is learning involved, I am still learning myself!

Feel free to follow-up here with your progress or in the Discord room (I am often online there).


Hi Paul, sorry for OOT from topic, can you share your plugin?

Hi @topidesta , no plugin just the Quark theme - you might find my inherited Quark theme (Quark Open Publishing) a helpful reference and it is available on getgrav.org.