Menu Modal Toolbar not showing in Admin panel

Hello everyone,

I have a question about this menu modal when clicking the three dots of a page in the admin panel.

Currently, I only get this modal without the toolbar with let’s say user1:
Menu Modal without Toolbar

But with my admin user, I get this modal, with the toolbar:
Menu Modal with Toolbar

Why is this toolbar not showing for user1? I tested it on a fresh installation of Grav + Admin, but I couldn’t find out what needs to be done for it to show user1.


Here are my account configs (access only)


    login: true
    login: true
    super: true


    login: true
      pages: true
    pages: true

@chraebsli, I can reproduce the issue.

Why is this toolbar not showing for user1 ?

I have no idea…

Fortunately, the user can still create/update/delete pages using the main menu.

You might consider creating an issue in the repo of Admin and provide the link of the issue in a reply.

Thanks for the fast response.

I’m aware that the user still can CRUD pages. The feature I’m missing because of this is the option to duplicate pages with all its contents. Without this option, my client has to separately create each subpage with its header, which is time-consuming.

Here is the issue on GitHub:

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