Show custom page creation modal on edit pages

I’m following the cookbook recipe here: Admin Recipes | Grav Documentation

I managed to create the custom modals, and they work nicely when I’m on /admin/pages.

But I’d like them to also work when I’m editing a content page.

When I use show_in: bar in admin.yaml, the button doesn’t show in the content editing page bar at all. When I use show_in: dropdown, the button appears in the dropdown but doesn’t work (because the associated remodal div doesn’t exist in the page).

I feel that this might be something going on in the pages.html.twig (although reading through it i don’t quite understand why the button appears at all in the dropdown in edit mode, or why the modal div doesn’t exist in the same mode), but I also seem to struggle to override it (which I tried this way).

Pointers welcome!

Last year I added an issue about this or very similar. I have no idea if anything will happen or if anyone has even seen it.

In case it helps, please consider adding a comment to my issue or at adding a thumbs up.

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