Double admin buttons and strange actions

Hi, I’ve a strange behavior in admin.
Buttons are doubled, and acting reverse when trying.
for example (cf. sshot) if I want folder numeric prefix, I must press disabled (and you can see from pictures the result.
All buttons are acting the same (well I didn’t check all, but a lot of them…)
My version is the last one (Grav v1.7.35 - Admin v1.10.35 - Flex 1.3.0) and all other plugins are up to date.
Did I miss something ?
Capture d’écran 2022-09-06 à 20.44.08

in every page you create?

yes, in the all admin pages for all created pages

If I recall this happened to me at one point due to a malformed custom Blueprint, might that be in your case too?

malformed custom Blueprint, you mean a broken theme ?
I actually tryed to remove all extended plugin and got back to quarck theme, but stills not working… :grimacing:

In my case I was working on an inherited theme myself and had some blueprint YAML malformed. No further ideas about why this issue is happening, except for trying a fresh install of Grav on the same server.

Well I just didn’t want to come to that end. :face_exhaling: but I guess I need to.

finally got the murderer :grin: : plugin (very old it seems) “Tools collection”

It was lying there mostly from an old test, but it does not support grav evolutions. It should be removed from the list of plugin or at least marked as not supported anymore
May be it can be a good evol to grav admin : show the last code update next to the title in the list. In this case, it will show “Tools collection (3 years)” :yum:

Hi, It’s your mean

Release 0.1.4 · Memurame/grav-plugin-tools-collection · GitHub

it’s last updated Feb’ 19, 2020. Omg… since 3 years until now. skip.

Agree, in grav admin we don’t know where plugin has expired with Grav existing.